Four months had never felt so long. I was at our home in America and the rest of my family was in Africa. Home didn’t really feel like home anymore. The house was quiet, I slept alone in a cal king bed meant for two, and attempted my best to cook meals for one without wasting food or eating the same thing everyday. I was missing my sweet husband and son. It almost felt like I was house sitting for someone. It felt strange. But despite the days longing to be with my family, God knew it was exactly what I needed. The Lord knew I needed a quiet place for my body to recover, to regain strength from the three and a half months of trauma my body experienced. I needed a quiet place to heal mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And as much as I hated spending that time away from my boys, God knew it would be the best way for my faith to strengthen. I can’t even put into words the way my heart ached when I thought about all that had happened to our family this year. God knew that I needed a place free of any distraction so that I could spend much time with him.  Having to learn a new way of life with type one diabetes with my husband and son 9000 miles away was something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to do. But it taught me a new kind of independence. And Justin learned what it was like to be a full time stay at home parent. We were both stretched in areas of our lives that we weren’t totally confident in. It was hard but it was refining. And I’m thankful for the lessons that we’ve learned.

Landing back in Africa a week and a half ago and hugging and kissing my boys was the best feeling in the world! I didn’t let Type One win. God won. And then meeting our sweet T1D daughter was bliss. She was our light in a really dark season, she was the purpose in me being diagnosed, she was the blessing that God used to redeem a year of trials. I am so thankful for her and whatever time God allows us to have with her. Words can’t explain the way my faith has increased or my overwhelming joy of God’s redeeming love.

I am blown away at how far little June bug has come in the last month. She’s gained 8 pounds, looks so much healthier but still has a long ways to go, no one makes Ollie laugh as hard as his sissy does, she calls me momma all day long, hugs me, kisses me, wants to snuggle, watches me cook, holds me so tight anytime we’re around someone new, she loves eating, and her giggle is contagious. She LOVES almonds, popcorn, sriracha on her eggs and avocado, and sneaks sips of my iced coffee all the time. She is her mother’s daughter. We may not share blood, a last name, or skin color, but our pancreas’ both decided to quit working and we share something so much deeper. She’s my little T1D pal. Oh how I love her!

07.17.15-13June bug heard my mom hand washing laundry and went running in to help. This girl is better than anyone else in the house ;) 07.18.15-1007.18.15-1207.19.15-1707.19.15-2007.20.15-13My mom gave June bug a whistle, which by the way is the worst thing you could give a child ;) Every single day, she takes the whistle outside and goes in search of the “pussy cat” so she can blow the whistle at it. She knows exactly where it hangs out in the bushes. 07.20.15-2507.20.15-4707.20.15-5807.20.15-62We took a boat ride on Lake Victoria and the Nile River with my mom! 07.21.15-407.21.15-807.21.15-9My sweet momma came to Africa! She’s the best! 07.21.15-19Yes that is a hut on an “island”. The island is the hut and you can buy stuff since it’s a little shop. You know, in case you get thirsty cruisin’ down the Nile. 07.21.15-23Dexcom twins!07.21.15-2807.21.15-3007.21.15-3107.21.15-35In search of the “pussy cat” again! 07.21.15-5807.21.15-6107.21.15-6907.21.15-74We went swimming on Saturday and it only last about an hour before a storm came in and we had to boda home fast. 07.25.15-5Okay seriously, when did he get so big and chunky?
07.25.15-1607.25.15-2707.25.15-42Our main way of transportation around town.07.25.15-4607.25.15-5107.25.15-53By the time we got home we were all soaking wet from the rain!07.25.15-54Okay seriously, that shirt! And those leggings! Is he not the cutest! Thank you Alyssa for the adorable tee! 07.25.15-71Well this was the best idea ever! I have a feeling they’re going to ask to do this everyday from now on. 07.26.15-107.26.15-907.26.15-3407.26.15-38It was beautiful and sunny when the kids were playing in the water and that afternoon a crazy storm rolled in and it poured like crazy and the wind was insane! 07.26.15-75This was the beginning of the storm before we had to run inside because the water was blowing across our porch and into the house.07.26.15-79We hope you all had a great weekend and we’ll be sure to update again soon!