I am so overwhelmed at the response we have gotten when we shared about our sweet June bug. We are so thankful that you have shared in our joy! It has been incredible to watch God work in all the tiny details. Everything happened so quickly and I have been running around like crazy getting ready to leave in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to head back to Uganda! I can’t wait to be back with my boys and to meet my beautiful daughter. When we found out about her not even two weeks ago, we didn’t have a single thing for a 6 year old! So many people have asked what we need for her so I decided to dedicate a blog post just to her needs so it doesn’t get lost in our previous post that was pretty lengthy ;)

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Diabetes Supplies
-Dexcom Sensors
-Humalog/Novolog Insulin (pen or vial)
-Lantus Insulin (pen or vial)
-Pen needles
Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strips
Accu-Chek Smart View Test Strips

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She is 6 years old and THE SAME WEIGHT AS OLIVER (who is 1), so she looks as if she’s about 4. She is extremely malnourished so her waist is tiny, her belly is distended, and her legs are really long, but so thin. So finding clothes to fit her little frame is tough. Dresses are the easiest since they can just hang on her. Hand me downs are also great! She currently has four dresses in Uganda, one pair of underwear and that’s all she has to her name. She doesn’t even own a pair of shoes.

Dresses: 3T-6T
Shorts: 2T-4T
Shirts: 4T-6T
Underwear: 2T-3T

-Amazon Gift Cards
-Target Gift Cards

-Size 4 & 5 Honest Diapers for Oliver

-Or anywhere for that matter where we can purchase items needed for her

*Gift cards to Amazon and Target can be used to buy diabetes supplies, insulin wallets, frio cooling bags to get all the insulin to Uganda, insulin vial sleeves, syringes, test strips, etc where they are available the cheapest and also for other items needed such as bed sheets, kid cups, school items, and just about anything else you need for a child that I have probably forgotten and that’s way overprices in Uganda because it’s imported. Whatever items are not donated will need to be purchased since we don’t have a single thing for a six year old and I leave in two and a half weeks. Holy moly!*

Keary Cheney
PO BOX 230209
Encinitas, CA 92023

*Packages MUST be address to Keary Cheney or they will be returned to sender by USPS*

If you live local to North County in San Diego I am more than happy to meet up with you to pick things up!

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We need to raise $8000 to cover my flight back to Uganda, and the next four months of rent, utilities, gas, water, data for communication, transportation through town, from the airport, and to and from Kampala for specialist appointments, tests, dr appointments, monthly medication, insulin, diabetes supplies, food, etc. This is just our Uganda living expenses. We know we can’t do this on our own, but we faithfully said “YES” knowing that God would provide for June bug because he called us to this! We have extended our YouCaring site so that donations can be given through there that will allow us to stay with Ollie in Uganda and to bring June bug into our home and to keep up with her disease. We are so incredibly grateful for every single dollar that has allowed us to give Ollie a family, and now the same for June bug. You are the hands and feet of Jesus and caring for the orphan in such a beautiful and tangible way.

Donations through YouCaring can also be used to purchase any supplies and needed items that are not donated. We are so incredibly thankful for the way you have loved and supported our family in this journey!


*In order to gather everything we need and have time to pack, we need to receive all items by FRIDAY, JULY 10th.*