We said goodbye to my momma a little over a week ago and dropped her off at the airport. I hate that she had to leave, but I love that she got so much time with us here and got to share in so many sweet memories! It was the best feeling having someone here that got to see a little glimpse of our lives the last seven months. We have an extra bedroom if anyone wants to come visit us ;)

This little love got so excited when the rainstorm started that she put her bathing suit on and just ran around in the rain. I love her adventurous spirit and the simple ways she has fun.

07.28.15-607.30.15-807.30.15-1607.30.15-2007.30.15-2107.30.15-4707.30.15-52My momma took us out for dinner to celebrate my birthday before she left. 07.30.15-5807.30.15-6407.30.15-8807.31.15-1Chipati. Oh so good. But oh so many carbs. June and I had two bites and it ended terribly, so we won’t be doing that again. Gosh I miss grabbing one of these on the side of the road! 07.31.15-2307.31.15-2507.31.15-2607.31.15-3707.31.15-3808.03.15-20Lake Victoria08.03.15-24Hooray for finding cauliflower here! June loves roasted cauliflower and we even made cauliflower soup the other night. Thank you Jesus for a low carb food that we can eat here other than eggs ;) 08.04.15-1108.04.15-29“They Call Me Brave” fundraiser t-shirt designed by Camplight Apparel. You can head to their site and grab one to help support our family! It comes in kids to adult sizes!08.07.15-408.07.15-508.07.15-1808.07.15-2708.07.15-37She would pick flowers all day if we let her. 08.07.15-5708.07.15-6208.07.15-72The Lord knows I love me some golden hour and He sure wowed me for my birthday! 08.03.15-7 copy08.03.15-14 copyShe loves when I carry her and it’s so cute when she opens her arms like this for me to pick her up. She loves always being close to me, and I don’t hate it one bit :) 08.03.15-22 copyI can’t believe it’s already August! Where has this year gone? It’s been quite a journey for us, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The lessons we’ve learned, the way our faith has increased, and our deeper need for Christ daily is worth every bit of this last year!

Much love,
Justin & Keary