Remember a few weeks back when I posted about our little Valentine’s Day getaway {HERE} and only had like 5 images (from my digital camera) in my post because we mostly shot film? Well my film scans came back today! So don’t judge since these were literally the first rolls of film I have shot since high school. Not even kidding. Guys, that was a long time ago. And also, I shot black and white back then so this color thing is totally new to me, but I love it. I was so stoked that our scans came back today to make sure I didn’t totally butcher the rolls since we’re leaving for Uganda tomorrow and we’re bringing our film camera with us. So now I know that the camera actually works, so that’s a win in my book. And the best part, there is ZERO editing involved because they already look amazing! Praise the Lord for that! I definitely have some more learning to do, but I love just having some fun personal little photos on film for around the house and that film bokeh is just oh so dreamy. Can’t wait to shoot more of it in Uganda!

pine valley ca-1pine valley ca-3pine valley ca-4pine valley ca-5pine valley ca-7pine valley ca-8pine valley ca-9pine valley ca-11pine valley ca-12pine valley ca-13pine valley ca-14pine valley ca-15pine valley ca-16pine valley ca-17pine valley ca-18pine valley ca-19pine valley ca-20pine valley ca-22pine valley ca-23pine valley ca-25pine valley ca-26pine valley ca-27pine valley ca-28pine valley ca-29pine valley ca-30pine valley ca-31And I just had to grab a few of Milo when we got back home from our little night away! pine valley ca-32pine valley ca-33