Justin and I just celebrated 4 years of marriage last week and boy has that flown by. Well since our anniversary and Valentine’s are only a week a apart I always assume the two celebrations will get mashed together. Except Justin knows better than to do that ;) I scheduled a meeting with a client for Thursday evening (the day before Valentine’s Day) and let Justin know. Immediately he told me “That doesn’t work”. I was kind of shocked since normally I am generally the one in charge of the schedule around our house. I asked him why and he said “It just doesn’t.” Well he obviously had something planned, right? Except Valentine’s Day is on Friday. I was kind of confused but didn’t care because he obviously has something up his sleeve and I was excited for whatever it was so I gladly adjusted our meeting time. Well sneaky husband of mine swept me away to our friends cabin for the night in Pine Valley so we could celebrate into Valentine’s Day and then cook dinner together (one of my favorite things to do together) at home ON v-day. I remember pulling into the dirt driveway, Justin turned the car off, and it was silent. No cars, no people, no trains. It was glorious. The introvert inside of me was in love! Justin sure knows the way to my heart. I grew up on a lot of property so the mountains and open spaces run in my blood.

We came home on Valentine’s Day and cooked dinner together that night and made a new dessert that I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it’s so good (we’ll be posting the recipe soon). We snuggled on the couch and talked about munchkin. It’s crazy to think that could be (not super likely) our last Valentine’s Day without the little nugget running around the house. I think we say that at every holiday. What’s even more crazy is that we have no idea when munchkin will be here so we can’t really count down to a due date kind of thing. Some days it’s hard, but it’s going to make bringing him/her/them home that much sweeter.

I took all of twenty pictures on my digital camera because I brought my new film camera to try out for the first time and I’m anxiously waiting to get the scans back. Below are just a few pictures taken on our digital camera and I’ll be posting our film photos soon, I mean as long as they turned out okay ;) Stay posted for those!

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