There are so many reasons that I’m glad we went back to homeschooling, and our slow mornings as a family are some of my favorite, squeezing in extra snuggles before we get up for the day and start school.

I start my morning with a turmeric milk and Justin has Peet’s Coffee while the kids get going on their schoolwork for the day…and Ollie never not in costume (either a lion or black panther).


Did you know there’s actually a big difference in organic and conventional coffee?


Coffee is one of the most chemically treated agricultural products on the planet.


CONVENTIONAL COFFEE can be grown with
-synthetic fertilizers
-pesticides, herbicides


Not only is that harmful to our bodies and our health, but also to the farmers, who live near the farms, and to our environment as well.


ORGANIC COFFEE is grown using organic fertilizers like
-coffee pulp
-compost, etc


Organic coffee tastes better, is high in antioxidants (helps your body fight against free radicals), and is better for the environment.


We get to vote with our dollar. I’m thankful that @peetscoffee sees the need for better coffee and farming practices and has a line of organic coffee available.


Shop organic coffee [HERE]


Here’s to mornings!☀️☕️



This post is sponsored by Peet’s Coffee. All opinions are my own.