Bringing Home Oliver – $30,000 in 30 Days

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Gosh, I don’t even know where to start. The last week and a half has been…well…life changing. But even that doesn’t seem to really explain all that God has done. Last week we had a print sale in our etsy shop because we needed to raise $3000 asap for our adoption. We were petty vague as we were still waiting on answers ourselves and we weren’t sure what we were technically allowed to share yet. Thank you to everyone who bought something during our sale! I can’t believe how quickly we raised those funds we needed. Because things are moving quickly and we have a lot of money to raise in a short amount of time, we have decided to extend the $5 print sale through the end of October! They’re perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts, etc. You can buy them {HERE}.

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Well I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore…WE HAVE A SON!!! We were matched with a little boy in Uganda and his name is Oliver, or Ollie for short! Those words still don’t seem real to me yet…SON. I have spent the last week trying to comprehend what that means, what it means to be a mom in light of The Kingdom, and that our worlds are about to change REAL FAST! I’m going to try and fill you in here as much as possible, but there is still a lot we’re not able to legally share, and because of that, we’ll be posting the whole entire story after this process is complete. And let me tell you, God is being glorified in huge ways!

About a week and a half ago we were at the Pursuit 31 conference in Georgia as vendors in their market selling our home goods. It was the first time in who knows how many months that I finally felt rested. It was our last work trip of the year and I knew that going home would be so sweet because our busy travel season was coming to an end. Justin and I had all week to spend quality, intentional time together and it was heavenly. While we were there, we found out we were matched with a little boy in Uganda. Tuesday, September 23rd was the day I found out I was a mom to a boy who I have yet to meet, hold, or kiss. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so many tears of joy before.

You see, all of this came out of left field (but we wouldn’t have it any other way)! To make another really long story short, in May this year we decided that in the fall of 2015 we were going to move to Uganda. Yes…MOVE. We love the idea of adoption, but God was stirring something in our hearts so much deeper than that as far as orphan care goes. Our hearts desired to focus on family preservation, job creation and sustainability in Uganda. We saw needs in Uganda when we were there in March and we have gifts and talents that could meet those needs. Our plan was to create sustainable jobs in the village for the men and women by teaching woodworking and other trades so that their kids can stay in their family rather than ending up in a babies home because they have no way of providing for their children. We just opened a storefront in August to sell tables and home goods and our lease goes through next summer so we decided we’d leave after the lease was over. In the decision to move, we had also put our international adoption in Uganda on hold because we knew we were moving and we would adopt and foster in country once we got there. Our plan was to foster to adopt (you foster a child for three years before you can legally adopt them and bring them back to the states) and during that time we would be serving in several different areas there. Because of this whole plan, we thought that kids were still over a year away for us. It was really bittersweet. We longed for the days that we’d get to be parents, but we also love our time here as just the two of us. So we prayed heavily for peace in our hearts and patience to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and to allow him to use us in great ways before we started our family in Uganda.

During those first days in Georgia at the conference, I remember praying and being thankful for my overwhelming sense of peace and content heart for this season we’re in. Some days my heart would ache to be in Uganda and to be serving alongside my husband. Because being in Uganda meant the start of our family and littles running around the house that call me mom. But these last few weeks the Lord has reminded me to live fully present right where he has me. And my perspective changed. You see, God called us to adopt. He laid it so heavy on our hearts that that’s how he wants us to grow our family. He put those desires in our heart. But the waiting has been…well my first reaction I’d like to say hard, but when has God called us to easy?! It has been SANCTIFYING you guys! It has taught me patience, it has taught me to show love and grace to others in the wait, it has taught me about Christ adopting me, and in this wait I have never felt so close to Him. So even when the waiting seems hard, it is all part of Christ’s plan for greater glory!

Like I said, we did not see this coming at all. We never thought we’d have kids in our townhouse here, or bring our littles to Wednesday friends pizza night, or get to have our kids dedicated at church because we assumed we’d get to experience things similar to that but in Uganda…like a year from now. To think that we’ll get to share in the joys of parenthood with our friends and family here has brought my heart so much joy! I have seen God move mountains this week, answer huge prayers, and use people we don’t even know to confirm his plan for us in my moments of doubt. He spoke to me through prayer, books I’m reading, friends I talk to, or even street signs on the side of the road. I have never felt his presence so overwhelming like I have this last week. Everyday I sit in tears thinking of HOW MUCH HE LOVES ME and that he chose me and Justin to be a part of this story and to be this little guys parents. I so badly wish I could share this whole story, because it would make a lot more sense, but I promise you, the day will come when we can talk about how all of this came to be and God will be glorified beyond anything I could imagine. He already is has been!

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Hold onto your horses guys because it’s about to get crazy. Things happened kind of backwards in a way and we are wrapping up paperwork needed to travel. Oliver has some extra medical needs and he is not able to be cared for in Uganda and needs to get to the states ASAP in order to get treatment, which means he’s considered an “emergency case”. Because of that, his case will be processed much quicker than normal because of the urgent need for medical care. And since we thought we were moving to Uganda and hadn’t moved forward with our agency, we hadn’t paid any of the fees other than the application and home study fee. WE NEED TO RAISE over $30,000 IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS! This will cover all the adoption costs, program fees, country fees, documents, etc. And because our case is being expedited, we have to have all the money before we leave! As long as everything goes as planned, we are praying and hoping to fly out in about 6-8 weeks once we have our paperwork in hand. So we have been running around getting stuff to set up his room and prepare to bring him home so he has clothes to wear and a car seat to ride in.


We need some serious prayer warriors to join with us in this journey because I know Satan wants to destroy, but God is going to be magnified. Here are a few specific prayer requests:
-The Oliver would remain stable so we can get him here for care and that he’ll do well on the flight home
-That we are able to raise the $30,000 needed in a months time
-That God would prepare our hearts to become parents and that we would teach him to love Jesus and shepherd him well
-For peace and patience beyond our understanding during the waiting as our hearts ache that we can’t be there right now
-That we are the best advocates for Oliver’s care when he gets here, that we would be wise in our decisions, that we find him a great doctor (we are praying we can find a Christian doctor, I know it’s a small detail, but God cares about them all), and get him the best treatment possible
-The God would provide for any of the medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. We taking a huge leap of faith by bringing home a little one that is going to need a lot of extra care, but God has reminded us time and time again that his plans are to prosper us and he loved Oliver so much
-That we would better know the depths of God’s wisdom and that our faith would grow tenfold
-That we would continue to say “yes” to God when he calls us into the uncomfortable
-That God would be glorified through this whole process and people would know and see his greatness through Oliver’s story.

This one is humbling in a big way! I grew up learning that if you want something, you work really hard for it. I have been really stubborn and refused to set up one of these donation sites when we first started the adoption process last fall, but you guys…IT’S GOING TO TAKE A VILLAGE to make this happen and to bring Oliver home. God has already moved huge mountains in the last week and I know for a fact he is going to make sure every dollar is accounted for so that we can bring home the little munchkin and get him the best treatment possible. Not everyone is called to adopt, but by supporting a family that is adopting is a beautiful way you can be a part of orphan care. Donations can be made here and are appreciated far more than you’ll ever know (or click on the “DONATE” link above in the nav bar):


We obviously need to get our butts in gear and start fundraising ASAP! We have a few ideas that we’re working on but the two of us can only do so much in a month’s time. If you feel led to help run a fundraiser, auction, or donate a portion of your sales from a product you make/sell, or anything of the money-raising-sort, we would greatly appreciate any help! Like REALLY REALLY appreciate it! And so does Oliver!

We obviously don’t have 9 months like during a pregnancy to get a whole nursery set up and buy all the things we need, and we have to get things quick because we’ll be leaving soon. People have been asking what we need, so we set up two registries with items needed to care for this little guy. Two weeks ago we didn’t have a thing, and slowly but surely we’re getting his room ready. If you own an etsy shop or something of the sort and would love to donate something, please e-mail me for a shipping address> We would gladly share your product on our instagam too! One registry below is for BuyBuyBaby and the other is for Amazing Registry for other unique items. You can click on those here:



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Everyone keeps asking if we are still planning on moving to Uganda. At this point we don’t have an answer for that. It obvious how fast God can change your plans, haha. Right now, our number one concern is to get Ollie here and treated. For now we have decided not to share about his condition till we know more. And we have no idea how long term things may be, what his needs are going to be, treatment plan, etc. So at this point we are not making any decisions about moving but we will say that we are completely open to wherever the Lord leads us.

I’m sure y’all have lots of questions and we’d love to answer them for you to the best of our knowledge by what we’re legally allowed to share.

This photo was right after we found out about being matched Oliver while we were at the conference, so on our break we drove over an hour to get to the closest Target so we could buy his first outfit to remember that day and it happened to be the most ghetto Target we’ve ever been to and all we could find was this one outfit.

I can’t even tell you how loved this boy already is by us, our friends, and family. People we hardly know have written us checks, bought us baby clothes, and prayed for us. We feel so overwhelmed with joy! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through prayer, financial support, baby items, encouragement, and love. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how we feel!

Much love from Oliver’s Mom and Dad,
Justin & Keary