A “not so little” FAMILY VISIT

This last week Justin’s brother, his wife, and their 6 kids came to stay with us. We had so much fun paddle boarding (thanks Jacob and Christin), and going to the beach all week. We spent a good majority of our time at the beach next to our house. Half the kids jumped over waves, and the other half dug hols in the sand for hours. The house was chaotic but we loved every minute of it. Let me tell you, cooking for 10 people, three meals a day, is no joke. Props to you Heather for doing it everyday! I’m so glad they finally got a chance to come visit us in San Diego because we’re going to miss these 8 so much when they move to Kenya in just over a year to be missionaries. You can follow their blog and read all about their journey to Africa {HERE}. These guys are doing amazing things for the kingdom!

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