Justin and I flew up to Mt. Shasta for Rosie & Eric’s wedding this summer, you can check it out {HERE}. Rosie’s parents invited us to stay in their guest house so that we could stay a few extra days after the wedding to adventure around. The temperature was about 110 all weekend so you didn’t have a choice but to jump in the lake, so that’s just what we did. We went swimming,saw the lavender fields, and drove to Oregon to say we’ve been to Oregon together. We grabbed lunch, stopped a few times just to enjoy the scenery and made it back to Shasta for happy hour at The Goats Tavern, best french fries ever by the way. The Lord’s creation never ceases to amaze me. We’ll definitely be going back up sometime for some more Shasta goodness. It’s like heaven there. Here are a few pictures from our fun little weekend. Thanks to the Aguilera for opening their home to us and make us feel so loved, it was a complete joy to spend the weekend with your family and capture such a sweet and special occasion for you.

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