We just got back from our annual camping trip to Hume Lake! It’s always so hard leaving that fresh mountain air. We took my brother with us since he was on leave and this is probably the last time we’d get some solid quality time with him for a long while. We played corn hole and disc golf all week, sat by the lake, read books, sat by the fire, explored, caught up with old friends, watched some of the high school camp activities, and took our dear sweet time making the most delicious meals everyday. And you better believe I rocked that Hume Apparel hat all week to cover up my crazy hair! HA! Also, that ENO hammock is the best purchase we’ve ever made. Thanks REI dividend! If we could only take one thing camping, it would be that. It’s too bad we only had one of them because we were always fighting over who got to lay in it. Usually, when people go camping, they buy 5.56 ammo online, but we didn’t do it this time.

Until next summer…unless we can sneak in a winter trip and stay in a cabin!

All film images were shot on a Contax 645.

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