Today was the last day of @jenniesallen‘s “Restless” study at church this morning and the last section in the book was titled “Mystery”. I laughed when I opened it up and read it. The last 30 days have been full of watching the mystery of the Lord unfold in our lives and through Oliver’s story. I have experienced Him in new ways, my faith has grown deeper, my prayer life has been radically changed, The Lord has revealed himself to me in the most creative and beautiful ways, and we have been blessed beyond measure. What a joy it has been to walk in the presence of the Lord as he writes the most beautiful story full of his mystery. It’s the place of the unknown that makes us NEED Jesus and SEEK him! I got home from bible study and set my Bible down, and this falls out from the front flap. I couldn’t help but laugh. I spent my whole morning reflecting on what it looks like to wholeheartedly dive into the depths of God’s mystery, and how a lot of times he pours love over us in unexpected ways just like this sweet mystery person blessed us with this. Thank you to whoever you are and I pray that God blesses you tenfold for your faith and beautiful, servant heart! Then our doorbell rings and the mailman hands us an envelope with a $1000 check inside. And literally as I’m typing this, we just got a donation that has brought us to $30,000! Our youcaring page says we have less than one hour left of our fundraiser and WE ARE OFFICIALLY FULLY FUNDED! The Lord made sure every dollar was accounted for to bring Oliver home! You guys, NEVER doubt the power of God, especially when it means providing for all his children! Thank you Jesus!  Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset