It’s been a month since we landed back in the states after 3 weeks in Africa. It seems like just yesterday that we got home…maybe it was the two weeks of jet lag, terrible sleep, and new found intolerance to caffeine that threw me off and made this last month seem like a blur. I have sat down at the computer so many times to try and write my thoughts down and start sharing stories about our time there, the kids, the aunties, the culture, orphan care, adoption, and words just don’t seem to form into sentences. We are slowly processing all the happened while we were there and learning a whole lot of lessons…really hard lessons, but really good lessons. Thank you to everyone who has genuinely asked about our trip. It means the world and we love when friends want to learn more about orphan care beyond adoption. We’re so excited to start sharing stories as our thoughts slowly form into words.

(photo taken on The Nile River in Jinja, Uganda)