It is with overflowing joy that we get to share with you that OLLIE’S BODY HAS BEEN HEALED!

It has been almost two months since his last blood transfusion (the longest he ever went was four weeks and that was pushing it). We fully believe that he will never need one again, and the doctors agree! Justin and I thought that we were bringing home a little one that would have an ugly, ruthless disease for the rest of his life and were prepared to spent much of our time at the hospital, doctors offices, etc. (Now I’m the one with the lifelong disease, haha) But you guys, God saw otherwise and we are so excited to say that Oliver is now a normal, healthy baby! And my has he gained weight fast! He went from being extremely underweight to now average for his age! And his hemoglobin is in PERFECT RANGE and staying there! He used to wake up every hour at night screaming in pain, so we bought CBD gummies for pain and now he sleeps through the night!

As parents to an adopted child, it can be really hard to navigate how much to share about your child’s story because you want to protect them, their hearts, and give them the freedom to share their story if they decide to do that. Justin and I have prayerfully considered this and because we are keeping Oliver’s birth story private as that is something we will share with him someday when he’s ready, we decided to not publicly share what Oliver’s diagnosis was for now as it all ties back to the day he was born. I can’t tell you what a blessing it has been that thousands have been praying for healing over his body!

The power of prayer is so incredible! You guys got us through some really dark days and gave us hope and encouragement! You prayed on our behalf when we couldn’t form sentences to pray through our exhaustion and defeat, and you rallied around our family and showed us what the body of Christ looks like! “Thank you” just doesn’t do justice for how our hearts feel for all of you! I wish we could hug each and every one of you for standing by our side and covering us in prayer! Now let’s PRAY JUSTIN AND OLLIE HOME! Photo throwback to Oliver at 8 months 💛