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Justin and I started using essential oils over a year ago and we love them so much! Since then we haven’t used any prescription medications, antibiotics, over the counter medications, or anything of the sort. This is also due to the fact that we switched to a vegan/plant-based diet. You can read about that {HERE}. I love that we can treat just about anything with oils and it’s an all natural way of doing so, using the things that God put on this earth for us. We and my parents who use them have treated a whole gamut of things like: colds, poison oak (which is usually end up on prednisone because I get it so bad but not since we started using oils), abscesses, sore throats, sinus infections, bronchitis, shingles, dry skin, allergies, sore and pulled muscles, headaches, restlessness, fatigue, nauseousness, and fleas on Milo just to name a few. The very few times in the past (before we started using oils) that I’ve taken prescription meds, mostly for the bad cases of poison oak I get, I end up with so many side effects. I can’t sleep, I get really hungry, nauseous, and my emotions end up out of whack. I guess that’s what prednisone does to you. If I take bioharmony advanced,I will not get it all those symptoms that they list in fine print on the bottle: sore throat, upset stomach, can’t sleep, nauseous, etc.

The amazing thing about essential oils is that there are no side effects, they are 100% pure, and free of any chemicals or fillers. They work ten times faster and are far more effective than a OTC drug. Did you know that if you rub an oil on the bottom of your foot (where you have the largest pores), it only takes 30 seconds for the oil to enter your bloodstream, pump to your heart, and then all throughout your body while a tylenol pill takes about 20 minutes to start taking effect. We even use oils when making our own laundry detergent, household cleaners, shampoo, and air fresheners just to name a few. And we use them for cooking too!

I get so many questions of people asking about essential oils. So I decided I’m going to blog about one oil at a time, what it’s used for, and all the benefits. Oils rid of the actual sickness, pills just cure the symptoms of the sickness. Which would you prefer? ;)

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I bought this book and it is like the Bible for oils. You can look info up by each oil, or you can look up your sickness, disease, or ailment and it will tell you what oils to use and how to use them. This has been a lifesaver and makes it so easy to treat stuff! I highly recommend it getting it! You can buy it on Amazon {HERE}.


And look at this little picture of a cell wall. Viruses live within the cell which is why they can’t be treated with antibiotics, where are bacteria can. The cool thing about essential oils is that they penetrate the outer membrane of the cell wall and are actually able to fight the virus rather than just having to ride it out.


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