We’ve got a pretty big project we’re working on for Perfect Foods, a food bar company based out of San Diego. They are a family run business and all the siblings work together. You can read their story {HERE} on how they got started. They make the most amazing and delicious food bars you’ve ever tasted! So when we were contacted to design and build all new furniture, desks, workstations, wood paneled walls, chairs, etc we were stoked out of our mind because their bars are hands down our favorite! They’re made of fresh, organic, and gluten free ingredients. The almond butter is my favorite and Justin loves the peanut butter bar. We are so excited to finish up all their custom pieces for their re-model this week and can’t wait to show you guys their new and updated office space once we deliver and install everything. I thought it would be fun to shoot some photos of our progress, so here you go. And Milo, our little shop dog, is always there to help…or just look cute.

Justin LOVES his new work apron from Lone Flag that all our community group guys got him. I think he looks pretty cute in it ;)

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