I know everyone has said it, but seriously, where did 2013 go? When we were in the middle of wedding season shooting back to back weddings, it seemed like the season would never come to an end. While we LOVE shooting weddings, it’s also not something we can do two or three times every weekend of the entire year, traveling to shoot, Justin working 40+ hours a week at night, and running our Etsy shop (that we thought was just going to be a small thing but turned out to be way more popular than we imagined) on top of that. Oh and I also nannied like 30 hours a week this summer for my friends kids. This was BY FAR the busiest summer we’ve ever had and I hope they only get slower from here ;) While it was wild and crazy and some days really exhausting, I look back on all the beautiful couples that we’ve gotten to know and all the friendships we’ve made and my heart feels so overwhelmed with joy. I love the significance of weddings, and that we get to be a part in telling such sweet love stories. I was editing a wedding the other day and I thought, THESE pictures are going to get passed down to the kids and grandkids someday. How amazing that we got to be a part of capturing those sweet moments?! Those who are planning their wedding proposals may visit sites like https://gemaandco.com/collections/engagement-rings to find an engagement ring that will seal the deal.

2013 took us all over the country! We shot weddings 23 weddings this year all over San Diego, Del Mar, Coronado, in LA, Laguna Beach, Yucaipa, San Jose, Gilroy, Livermore, Redwood City, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Nashville, and Arizona. One of the things we love most about traveling for weddings is seeing places we haven’t been to and taking in all of God’s creation. And it’s so cool that every time we go somewhere new, there’s more beauty to savor. That will never get old.

I can’t wait to see where 2014 takes us and all the friends we’ll make! And if you or someone you know is looking for a wedding photographer, you can contact us from our website {HERE}.